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you turn off the very last candle that was lit
the cruel loneliness is cold, it's making me ball up
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30th-Jan-2037 12:58 pm - [sticky post] time spent walking on memories
i'm madina and i write stuff. i like to think that i write good stuff i actually don't.
works are listed in the order of when they are posted.

tomorrow will be just like as it is now.Collapse )
16th-Oct-2014 03:47 pm - vixx fics!
this is really overdue oops but just a quick announcement that i will be now posting my vixx fics on my tumblr! to be honest, i don't think i'll ever update this journal again, sorry T_____T i fell out of the exo fandom, and now the only thing exo-related that i will post is the skinjacker au baekchen. thank you, have a nice day!
21st-Sep-2014 10:48 pm - love binds, never strings
love binds, never strings
jongdae/luhan & baekhyun/jongdae & implied!yixing/zitao; pg13; very slight mention of abuse; idol!au and red string!au; ~8600
written for the second round of chenpionships for anonymous. this is the slightly edited version. for questions after reading this, maybe you can head over the comments section of the fic in the exchange itself! i'm quite proud of it.

he will never belong. not when jongdae's bound, and luhan's not.Collapse )
6th-Sep-2014 01:28 pm - stares, grins
stares, grins
friendship!daehyun/youngjae that eventually leads to daehyun/youngjae; g; canon!au; ~2400
written for round 3 of thebrowniebunch for roebling! thank you to tlist that held me through this.

“yeah,” he answers, a bit dazed. “i’m – yoo youngjae, by the way.”Collapse )
1st-Jun-2014 07:17 am - in the morning light
in the morning light
collaboration with stars_in_love; taekwoon/hayeon (girl!hakyeon); pg13; gore; post-apocalypse zombie!au; ~1000
oh my i didn't even think for once second that it would evolve to 1000 words haha! we tossed lines in twitter, and well, post apoc neo happened. this is really good.

( it's barely morning and the dust is rising. )
'till his tea's gone cold (and heart, too)
luhan/yixing & luhan/???; pg13; au; infidelity; angst; ~2100
unbeta'd, also the result of writing after like a week or more not doing it ;n; thank you for tlist that helped me pick the pairing!

luhan's always been quick – so quick, too quick. it's unfair, to be honest, that it includes both falling in love and falling out of love.Collapse )
don’t hesitate anymore, please take my heart away
collaboration with edae; jongdae/luhan and implied baekhyun/luhan; g; angst (like wow, really heavy); non-linear storyline;n[spoiler alert]character death; suicide; the little mermaid (not disney's)!au; ~2800

in the distance, the seafoam shines with a million colors, dancing in the warm hues of the sunset. maybe now, they'll be happy.Collapse )
jongdae/jongin & junmyeon/sehun & chanyeol/jongdae; pg13; fluff-like (YES, ALL OF THEM); basically just a hell lot of AUs; total ~2300
unbeta'd and rushed pls don't kill me all of these are trash, they're all for tlist thank you for putting up with my shit yo

princes (are not supposed to be prince-like); chen/kaiCollapse )

kittens and alcohol; sehun/suhoCollapse )

i would suck (the soul out of) you; chanyeol/chenCollapse )
21st-Feb-2014 02:53 pm - we're all mad here

we're all mad here
wonshik-centric & implied!hakyeon/wonshik; pg; somewhat of an alice in wonderland!au; angst; ~1200
written for forvixx's 2014 valentine's round for frozen_tips. again, thank you for kat because of your beta-reading Skillz, i wouldn't have done all of this if it wasn't for you!

“I'm afraid that we’re going crazy,” Wonshik dryly (and falsely) quotes a version of Alice’s story, "but you're all going to die, anyway."Collapse )
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