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time spent walking on memories

i'm madina and i write stuff. i like to think that i write good stuff i actually don't.
works are listed in the order of when they are posted.


wake me up to ash and dust; drabble(s); siblings!luhan/sehun; pg13; post-apocalypse!au; ~1200
+ luhan tries hard to not let the ghosts trail after him.
+ he's okay with the pain.
+ "don't lie to me," he said, "don't lie to your brother."
+ nightmares, luhan-hyung. i'm scared. please, help me.

all is (never) fair in love and war; oneshot; lay/sehun & baekhyun/luhan; pg13; distorted utopia!au; ~1300
his brittle little fingers claw on his own neck, red lines littering on his alabaster skin.

fading (into nothingness); oneshot; d.o/kai; pg13; ~1500
kyungsoo just can't get a grip on the hard, painful reality, and then there's jongin who is currently living in his own past, somewhere, out there.

toss me out as if i'm nothing; oneshot; kris/lay & lay/luhan & implied!kris/suho; r; ~1300
he slurps the coffee, luhan humming beside him, and he thinks, again, that he actually is the most fucked up person in this world, like what yifan said to him this morning.

endearing; drabble; chen/girl!luhan; pg; high school!au; ~300
he realizes too late that he should have just greeted her back.

i hear your voice (and i think i've fallen in love); oneshot; baekhyun/girl!chanyeol & girl!d.o/suho; pg13; talent show!au; ~3200
park chaneun enters a talent show, captivates the judges and the audience, and steals byun baekhyun's heart.

i wanna be the one; oneshot; chen/tao & luhan/xiumin; pg13; ~3000
zitao has an annoying older brother and jongdae is in love with him. great. absolutely glorious.

but i'm alone (and free); oneshot; xiumin-centric; g; frozen!au; ~1300
the ice slowly spreads over his skin, and for the first time, it pains him.

keep those stars (in your eyes) alight; oneshot; chanyeol/chen; pg13; space!au; ~5400
jongdae notices that his eyes are like flames – and he wants to keep those flames alight for a long, long while.

don't bring me home, my love; drabble; baekhyun/chen; g; skinjacker!au; ~660
baekhyun never wanted jongdae to be so fragile.

nowhere else to go; drabble; d.o/luhan; pg13; prompt; ~890
kyungsoo dreams of the dead.

torment and revulsion; drabble; vague!chen/d.o; g; ~470
kyungsoo wheezes in pain, gripping all-too-tightly at the navy blue crayon, and it snaps into two.

i must scream but i have no voice; drabble; vague!sehun/xiumin; g; ~270
words won't come out of minseok's throat.

don't hesitate anymore, please take my heart away; oneshot; chen/luhan & implied!baekhyun/luhan; g; the little mermaid!au; ~2800
collaboration with edae . in the distance, the seafoam shines with a million colors, dancing in the warm hues of the sunset. maybe now, they'll be happy.

'till his tea's gone cold (and heart, too); oneshot; luhan/lay & luhan/???; pg13 ~2100
luhan's always been quick – so quick, too quick. it's unfair, to be honest, that it includes both falling in love and falling out of love.

untitled #1; drabble; baekhyun/chen; pg13; power!au; ~450
light has nothing to do with thunder, jongdae believes, but now he isn't quite so sure about that.

untitled #2; drabble; broken!kris/suho & implied!luhan/suho; pg13; domestic!au; ~550
memories tucked away neatly in storage – neat, like junmyeon always was.

palinoia; drabble; sehun-centric; r; multiple universes!au; ~480
definition: the repetition of an act until it is perfect.

love binds, never strings; oneshot; chen/luhan & chen/baekhyun; pg13; idol!au & red string!au; ~8600
he will never belong. not when jongdae's bound, and luhan's not.


we monsters distort too easily; oneshot; ot6; pg13; distorted utopia!au; ~2500
"i'm sorry," is all that hakyeon chants, to wonshik, to taekwoon, to hongbin, to sanghyuk's and jaehwan's lost soul.

shut your trap; drabble; n/ravi & implied!hyuk/ken; pg13; ~900
"hakyeon-hyung," he acknowledges the older warily, and hakyeon shakes his head, as if saying, no, no, don't talk, shut up.

should i go, should i stay, nobody knows; drabble; leo & ken focused; pg13; canon!au; ~850
code word: were.

love is a cat from hell and heaven; oneshot; leo/n; pg13; shapeshifter!au; ~2900
taekwoon doesn't like hakyeon but loves the stray cat that visits him.

we're all mad here; oneshot; ravi-centric & implied!n/ravi; pg; alice in wonderland!au; ~1200
“i'm afraid that we’re going crazy,” wonshik dryly (and falsely) quotes a version of alice’s story, "but you're all going to die, anyway."

crumble to dust again; drabble; ken-centric & implied past!ken/ofc; g; canon!au; ~840
for jaehwan, his heart crumbles like a ruined brickwall.

in the morning light; oneshot; leo/n; pg13; post-apocalypse/zombie!au; ~1000
collaboration with stars_in_love ♡. it's barely morning and the dust is rising.

almost all of my vixx fics will henceforth be posted in my fic tumblr! masterlist here!


no restart (that's the cold hard truth); drabble; himchan/yongguk; pg13; spy/assassin!au; ~500
yongguk feels like laughing. maybe he already knew it from the start.

stares, grins; oneshot; daehyun/youngjae; g; canon!au; ~2400
he finally has someone to share everything with.


w.i.p meme; various fandoms; various pairings; various AUs; pg13

ten nine sentences meme (part one out of two); vixx & exo; kris/suho & chen/sehun & kai/sehun & baekhyun/chen & sehun/suho & n/ravi; various AUs; pg13
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