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you turn off the very last candle that was lit
the cruel loneliness is cold, it's making me ball up
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21st-Feb-2014 02:25 pm - love is a cat from hell and heaven

love is a cat from hell and heaven
hakyeon/taekwoon; pg13; shapeshifter!au; fluff??; ~2900
written for forvixx's 2014 valentine round for daeguns. thank you for my amazing beta dragyeol.

taekwoon doesn't like hakyeon but loves the stray cat that visits him.Collapse )
vague!jongdae/kyungsoo & vague!minseok/sehun; g; angst (one is abstract); mild warnings; total ~700
i'm feeling quite lonely and sad right now but i don't even know why. i had a bit of a block before writing the second drabble. i still feel quite sad.

torment and revulsion; jongdae/kyungsooCollapse )

i must scream but i have no voice; minseok/sehunCollapse )
17th-Feb-2014 05:35 pm - nowhere else to go
nowhere else to go
kyungsoo/luhan; pg13; prompt; angst;a[spoiler alert]character death; ~890
because i love sweatybaek (luiza) and i need to write. unbeta'd, and i'm so sorry for my inability to comprehend things this morning. the rest is coming up soon ok! shoots a loving glare to tlist

kyungsoo dreams of the dead.Collapse )
15th-Feb-2014 08:34 pm - don't bring me home, my love
don't bring me home, my love
baekhyun/jongdae; g; skinjacker!au; angst (jesus widw all i do is write angst); character death (but not really); ~660
this was written when after i finished the skinjacker trilogy. the idea for everlost still makes me shiver. and this is written in past tense! that's new! title taken from a line in the second book, everwild.

baekhyun never wanted jongdae to be so fragile.Collapse )

keep those stars (in your eyes) alight
chanyeol/jongdae; pg13; angst??; violence; space!au; ~5400
written for 2014 valentine's round of chenpionships for yakiseop. thank you for my amazing betas: stars_in_love & dragyeol, one that keeps up with the shit i give her and the other for the last-minute fast beta reading. i wouldn't have done it without the two of you, really.

jongdae notices that his eyes are like flames – and he wants to keep those flames alight for a long, long while.Collapse )
1st-Feb-2014 12:58 am - but i'm alone (and free)

but i'm alone (and free)
minseok-centric & the kim (junmyeon, jongdae, jongin) brothers; g; (but not really) frozen!au; angst; ~1300
back-story of a frozen!au i'm working on. it's not really frozen!au, since the storyline is majorly different from the movie, but it follows some of the characters. i got rid of the trolls and replaced it with a wizard haha. unbeta'd, correct usage of capslock.

The ice slowly spreads on his skin, and for the first time, it pains him.Collapse )

30th-Jan-2014 11:23 am - it's bad. we're hit, man, we're hit.

ten nine sentences meme (part one out of two)
vixx & exo; pg13 most of the time; lots and lots of genres; many!au; a few warnings (genderbending and character death); ~2400
this is originally the ten sentences meme thing but I CAN'T WRITE SMUT. a wide mixture of capslock and real capslocking. all of the darkfic genres are snippets from my distorted utopia au!

junmyeon/yifanCollapse )jongdae/sehunCollapse )jongin/sehunCollapse )baekhyun/jongdaeCollapse )junmyeon/sehunCollapse )hakyeon/wonshikCollapse )
24th-Jan-2014 01:46 pm - i wanna be the one

i wanna be the one
endgame!jongdae/zitao, onesided!luhan/jongdae and a side minseok/luhan; pg13; au; comedy; suggestions of sex; luhan; ~3000
written for flowerymisha for 2013's round of sncj secret santa! first time pinch-hitting and this is the first time i'm writing in proper capslock ha ha ha

Zitao has an annoying older brother and Jongdae is in love with him. Great. Absolutely glorious.Collapse )
i hear your voice (and i think i've fallen in love)
baekhyun/girl!chanyeol (chaneun) and a side junmyeon/girl!kyungsoo (kyunghee); pg13; talent show!au; comedy/fluff/idk how to genre; genderbending; kyunghee being a mean shit; ~3200
written for park_noodle for 2013's round of sncj's secret santa! there are some alterations, typo and grammar fixing haha i really need a beta. i might continue this au when i have the time!

park chaneun enters a talent show, captivates the judges and audience, and steals byun baekhyun's heart.Collapse )
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