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you turn off the very last candle that was lit
the cruel loneliness is cold, it's making me ball up
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30th-Jan-2037 12:58 pm - [sticky post] time spent walking on memories
i'm madina and i write stuff. i like to think that i write good stuff i actually don't.
works are listed in the order of when they are posted.

tomorrow will be just like as it is now.Collapse )
6th-Sep-2014 01:28 pm - stares, grins
stares, grins
friendship!daehyun/youngjae that eventually leads to daehyun/youngjae; g; canon!au; ~2400
written for round 3 of thebrowniebunch for roebling! thank you to tlist that held me through this.

“yeah,” he answers, a bit dazed. “i’m – yoo youngjae, by the way.”Collapse )
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